how it all started

who we are

In 2013 while traveling in UK with her husband Kelvin, Becky Lindsay Kent picked up a pamphlet at a Parish Church in the British Channel Island of Jersey advertising a week-long Spirit Festival.  The event was to occur throughout the Island at various venues. It included presentations on a broad range of subjects; including performances of drama, and expressions of spirit through poetry, writing, music and art. 

After returning home, Becky excitedly described this to friends and showed them the comprehensive brochure. It quickly became apparent to an enthusiastic core group that this would be a perfect addition to the number of weekend festivals already happening in Ridgway, Colorado, where Becky and Kelvin live.

A committee of volunteers was formed and in June of 2015 the first Ridgway Spirit Fest took place. This was a huge success with well over 150 attendees from the surrounding region. In May of 2016, over 200 individuals attended the event and expressed an overwhelming desire to see the weekend festival become an annual event. The 2017 event was equally well supported.

For the first three years the friendly, local interdenominational United Church of the San Juans in Ridgway kindly donated use of their facility for the weekend as a community outreach. This and some “seed” money was instrumental in permitting SF to form and grow.

Not for profit status was achieved in July 2016 under the name of Ridgway Spirit Fest, Inc.

Ridgway Spirit Fest aims to bring an additional dimension to a region of Western Colorado that is already known for its inspired and creative lifestyle.

For the 2018 Spirit Fest, featuring Father Richard Rohr and other presentations, see Schedule pages. This year will continue to enhance our goals and fulfil our ideas of “Exploring the Universal Spirit Within” and “Many Paths – One Source.”

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