Networking Lunch with Christie Strickland

Let’s do this. We keep seeing these links of climate action and inter-being. In the very process of responding to our current crisis we can, in the process, heal the disconnection that is at the root of so much. Climate crisis is this grand opportunity to connect and communicate and collaborate in ways that we have not done before. Why not? As we face challenges that we cannot even anticipate at this point, one of the big questions is, if as a community and culture, we will turn toward one another or will we increase the gap by turning against one another. Perhaps it will be a bit of both, but we can tip the scales towards the former.

This will be a semi-facilitated networking lunch. I will give a brief talk and then will be honing in on Western Slope organizations and issues, but all are welcomed to attend.

When: Saturday: 12:15 - 1:45

Where: 4H Event Center in Ridgway

No RSVP is needed. However, it would be helpful for me to plan a bit. If you are planning on attending let me know by emailing me at christie@circleforth.org

Lastly, to help us make the most of our time, you may want to just pack your lunch. I am working on putting together an easy sack lunch pre-order situation and will update this page as that comes together! Looking forward to gathering with you all. Christie

***** TABLING OPPORTUNITY - If your program or organization has information you would like to share, you can reserve a table during Spirit Fest. There is no cost for the table and in the spirit of the gift economy, we also want to provide a free ticket for the weekend if you are tabling. Let me know if you would like tabling spot and I’ll get you connected. christie@circleforth.org


Radical Joy for Hard Times

RadJoy is a form of activism that helps bring people together to listen to nature and bring simple acts of beauty. It is an antidote to overwhelm. It is something you can do, when you just don’t know what to do anymore. It is a break from the holding actions and political strife. It is a time where community can rest and share together, while attending to the Earth. And it is a time where relationships are built between people and land and people and people.

What a wonderful opportunity to gather in this way during Spirit Fest. Water and the Water Cycle are deeply impacted by our warming planet. We will gather along the Uncompahgre River and listen to water, make beauty for water (don’t worry you don’t have to consider your self an artists of any sort to participate!!) and allow for learning and clarity and hope as we face the challenges ahead.

You will learn the simple form of RadJoy to utilize in your own life or to bring to your communities and organizations.

When: Sunday: 10:00am - Noon

Where: Along the banks of the Uncompahgre if the weather is good enough. Where to meet will be detailed during the conference. There will likely be a 10 minute walk to the location. It is paved/flat and therefore wheelchair accessible.

Who: All are invited. If you are attending the conference then your ticket includes this program. If you are not attending the full conference, donations are welcomed.

What to bring: Warm layers, warm hat, water, journal. You could also bring a sack lunch if you want to stay by the river for a picnic. There are tables, restroom, etc. The next program will start at 1:30.

If you play a musical instrument you are welcomed to bring that too.

During our RadJoy experience, you will have a chance to share about a body of water that is close to your heart. You are welcomed to bring some water from that body of water if you wish - so it can be present with all this love and goodness!

Back up plan: If it is chilly but sunny we will go. If it is windy or super cold or snowy we will meet together at: Voyager Base Camp! 280 North Cora Street, Ridgway

We hope you can attend this Special Event. We are also working on some musical surprises for us - well, actually for the water!!