Naked for Tea: The Art of Vulnerability

Most of us have had dreams of being naked in public, and usually, it’s a nightmare. But as poets can attest, there are great rewards for showing up uncovered, metaphorically speaking. This closing session will be part performance, part exploration of how we all might loosen our masks, take off our certainties, slip out of our judgments and step into the world as it is—messy and miraculous. And why? The more vulnerable we are, the more layers we take off, the more we are able to experience oneness. The more authentic we are, the more the whole world becomes mirror. Poet Teddy Macker says of Trommer’s newest collection, Naked for Tea, “Heart-thawingly honest and compassionate down to the fingertips. A book of kindness and bewilderment and delight from one of our best poets.” And as spiritual teacher Wayne Muller writes in the foreword, “The elegance of her simplicity will blind you to her mastery. Then, she will let you fall, head over heels, in Love. With everything. So. You have been warned.”